Lidar Team, Instrument, and Scans
Lidar Group January 2014 Welcome to the CSU Chico Atmospheric Lidar Research Group website. Click here to learn more about what we are working on.
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Recent Results

Tenure-track opening in Physics. Closing date: January 5, 2015.
Upcoming conferences: 27th ILRC. 4-page paper deadline: March 20.

December 2013: Improved wind visualization web-application, for real-time/archives and both cross-correlation and optical flow algorithms - thanks to Chris Mauzey. Check it out!

wind visualization teaser

Group news

August 13, 2014: Two REALs operating side-by-side simultaneously.
August 4, 2014: Masaki Hamada completes MS thesis.
June 13, 2014: New electrical power capacity installed at lidar field site.
May 27, 2014: REAL "V2" operational

15 January 2014: Doppler lidar removed from the REAL for shipping back to the UK. Check out the time-lapse animation below.

Lowering the Streamline Doppler lidar

24 November 2013: Doppler lidar moved to roof of REAL container for the first attempt at spatial validation of REAL wind fields.