Welcome to the GEOS 490, Seminar in the Geosciences: Renewable Energy and the Environment, webpage for the Fall 2013 semester.
Fall 2013 meetings: MW, 4:00 - 5:15 PM. Location: Physical Science Building 203.
This page will be updated every few days as the course progresses...

Above: Environmental Sciences graduate student Masaki Hamada lectures to GEOS 490 students on Chapter 7 (Wind Energy).


Required Book(s): Renewable Energy, third Edition, Edited by Godfrey Boyle.

Mon., 26 Aug., Instructor at SPIE in San Diego
Wed., 28 Aug., Introductions. Assignment #1 given.
Mon., 02 Sept., Labor Day --- no class
Wed., 04 Sept., Kinetic and potential energy, work, first law, renewable energy, primary & secondary sources, the sun, solar radiation.
Mon., 09 Sept., Guest Speaker: Dr. Chris Gaffney (Dept. of Physics) on nuclear energy.
Wed., 11 Sept., Electromagnetic spectrum, Planck's functions, terrestrial radiation, radiative equilibrium of earth without atmosphere.
Mon., 16 Sept., Quiz #1. Air, hydrometeors, aerosol, absorption, scattering, Beer's law, global energy budget with simple 1-layer atmosphere.
Wed., 18 Sept., Global energy budget with simple 1-layer atmosphere and hydrologic cycle; greenhouse effect, greenhouse gas.
Mon., 23 Sept., Assignment #2 given. Discussion of solar and terrestrial radiation spectra and absorption features; Figures SPM1 and SPM2.
Wed., 25 Sept., Field trip to Unversity Farm Lidar Experiment: Meet at Farm office at 4 PM.
Mon., 30 Sept., Chapter 1: Introducing Renewable Energy (Dennis presenting)
Wed., 02 Oct., Chapter 7: Wind Energy (Masaki presenting)
Mon., 07 Oct., Chapter 3: Solar Photovoltaics (Chris and Ryan presenting)
Wed., 09 Oct., Chapter 4: Bioenergy (Roger and Martin presenting)
Mon., 14 Oct., Assignment #3 given.Chapter 9: Geothermal (Amanda and Chris presenting)
Wed., 16 Oct., Chapter 5: Hydroelectricity (Casey presenting)
Mon., 21 Oct., Chapter 8: Wave Energy (Alyssa and Ryan presenting)
Wed., 23 Oct., Chapter 2: Solar Thermal Energy (Jana presenting)
Mon., 28 Oct., Chapter 6: Tidal power (Amanda and Martin presenting)
Wed., 30 Oct., Guest Speaker: Troy Helming, CEO and Founder of Pristine Sun, LLC.
Mon., 04 Nov., Go to LANG 122 for lecture and demo on solar energy by Prof. Greg Kallio. (Instructor at OSA in Tucson.)
Wed., 06 Nov., Chapter 10: Integrating Renewable Energy (Alyssa and Roger presenting)
Mon., 11 Nov., Veterans Day --- no class
Wed., 13 Nov., Masaki (paper) and Chris presenting
Mon., 18 Nov., Alyssa (paper) and Martin (paper) presenting
Wed., 20 Nov., Amanda (paper) and Jana (paper) presenting
Mon., 25 Nov., Thanksgiving --- no class
Wed., 27 Nov., Thanksgiving --- no class
Mon., 02 Dec., Dennis (paper) and Ryan (paper) presenting
Wed., 04 Dec., Roger and Casey presenting
Mon., 9 Dec., Review week --- Instructor at AGU in San Francisco
Wed., 11 Dec., Review week --- Discussion of AGU. New IPCC content.

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